About me

Like many translators, I began my working life in another field before moving into translation.


graduated in English and my keen interest in languages seemed to point directly to a career in languages.

However, I felt the need to explore other avenues first so I took a masters degree in tourism and new technology.



I studied in several different cities and my first job was with Haliotika, the discovery centre of marine fisheries in Guilvinec (Brittany).

I was responsible for reception, communication, guided tours and I also supervised the translation of the centre’s booklets and audio guides.

Finistère tourist board

Later I joined the Finistère tourist board where I was responsible for an online booking site.

I spent the next six years managing the website and training tourism professionals in the use of information and communications technology.

Freelance translation business

The next step was to branch out on my own and in 2012 I set up a freelance translation business called Les mots nomades.

Given my training and the early part of my working life, I naturally chose tourism and maritime affairs as my specialist fields.

See my LinkedIn profile for more details on my career.

Professional Associations and Networks

Member of the Société française de traducteurs

Member of Spanish translation association Asetrad (Asociación Española de Traductores)

Ambassador of the brand “Tout commence en Finistère” (Finistère is where it all begins)

As a professional translator and member of the Société française des traducteurs I abide by its code of ethics.

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