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I’m organising a conference. Can you help?2024-05-30T15:39:45+02:00

I’m a translator and therefore only work on written matter. To translate speech, you will need to hire an interpreter. I do not provide an interpretation service.

However, if you have a conference brochure or any other related documents then I would be pleased to help.

Can I send you confidential documents?2024-05-30T15:27:44+02:00

Of course. As a translator I take my duty of professional secrecy very seriously and confidentiality agreements are part of my job. Professional secrecy covers the documents to be translated, any reference documents you may provide and any other information you give me.

Why use a freelance translator?2024-05-30T15:26:45+02:00

When you choose an independent translator you deal directly with the person who is producing your text and managing the project from end to end. That means it’s easier to establish a trusting relationship and makes communication much simpler and quicker.

In the same way as a translation agency with an office in town, I am committed to my work and put my reputation on the line for every assignment. I form a partnership with my clients and together we make sure that your project is a success. I listen to your needs and expectations, I work round your constraints, offer advice and help.

Do you also translate into English or Spanish?2024-05-30T15:25:57+02:00

No, never. Like most professional translators and all who abide by the Société française des traducteurs code of ethics, I only translate into my mother tongue, i.e. French.

Although I understand the intrincacies of the Spanish and English languages, only a native writer can produce impeccable, highly readable, convincing copy of a publishable standard. Translating into one’s mother tongue is a sign of professionalism.

However, it you need translations into other languages I would be happy to recommend reliable, competent colleagues.

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